Office Supplies for Construction Company – Case Study

In March 2021, a construction company based in Hastings got in contact with Copylink asking them to kit them out with office supplies and more, after receiving a recommendation.

The task at hand was that they were opening up a brand new office, and therefore needed a full ‘kit out’ of the new workspace at competitive rates, to a tight deadline, and as conveniently as possible.

Copylink’s unique selling point is that we can supply businesses (large or small), with everything from high-quality print management solutions to ink cartridges, from filing cabinets to office chairs. We are your friendly one point of contact for all your needs.

Here Are the Steps That Made This a Very Successful Partnership

Client Contacted Us About Office Supplies

Firstly, the client contacted us, after a recommendation, to obtain a suitable MFD (Multi-Function Device) photocopier for their new office.

We were able to find the perfect machine for their needs and budget, putting them at ease with entering into a service agreement to cover the ongoing maintenance.

Advised & Supplied Office Furniture

We then advised on and supplied the office furniture, including office desks, storage, and seating. We first established how many staff were going to be in the office and their general office furniture / storage needs, supplying samples to determine the colour they preferred. 

Supplied Quote

We then supplied a quote and a list of items after discussing in depth their needs, and finally arranged the delivery on a date specified by the client shortly after obtaining keys to the new premises.

Supplied Ongoing Stationery & Office Supplies

Once the client had moved in we have supplied their ongoing stationery requirements and other office accessories, from coat stands to a secure safe, to kit out and complete their new office.

Large Format Printer

We have also met the customer’s need for a large format printer, including ongoing maintenance, since they regularly need to print building plans.

The vast range of services and products we can provide really means we can offer a personable, convenient one point of contact that can cover most office requirements from start to finish!

Client Quote

“We moved into new offices in March 2021 and all the team at Copylink were so helpful, they supplied us with everything that we needed, from furniture to printers and paper. All items supplied to us were based on recommendations, they did all the legwork for us, this not only saved us time but also took away the stress. We will continue to use Copylink for all our office needs.”


Copylink is a trusted local company based in Eastbourne that ensures convenience and peace of mind for our clients, with very competitive rates.

Contact us today on 01323 412 224 or email us at admin@copylink.co.uk to see how we can meet your requirements and needs.

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