The New School of Thought

It’s been the longest school holiday ever, so much so that children may have forgotten what school life was really like. Parents will feel apprehensive about easing their kids back into school life, not just because of COVID-19 but because of the change of routine and the new experiences that children will encounter. 

Build up the excitement and remind your child of all the great things they are going to do at school, they will be able to see their friends, their favourite teachers and get away from reluctant parents home schooling. Teachers have had plenty of time to prepare for the new year and will have lots of fun and educational ways to create a safe environment. If you appear excited about them going back to school, kids tend to mimic your enthusiasm – you may have to put on a brave face if you have concerns but giving them reassurance is your number one priority. 

Lastly, treat them to some new school supplies. Kids love shiny new stationery and it will make them happy, take a look through this issue of Office VIBES® as you are bound to find some back to school must-haves.

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